Diplomatic Collaborators

Lets grab the bull by the horns
Lets spread the word, there creed we'll scorn
Hidden secrets, your realities torn
When your gone, tell me, who. Will. Morn
They spread these lies your forced to believe!
You shake the hands of uncertainty!
The all seeing eye, were to blind to see!
The devils here, inside you and me!
Each rhyme a tale, your plan will fail!
Mithras your god? The baphomet?
All hail!
Poisoning the minds of children!
While you sit back and make your millions
The hammer and nails a big illusion
Jesus christ is for there amusement!
Lets stop the bull right in its tracks!
You really think tarsus has your backs
They fake there love its all an act
Lets crack there codes, lets burn there hats!

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