Direct Realm

By Caleb   

I touch the door knob.
Tell me, is it really there?
I make my way through the house
trying not to figure out who cares.
I find my way around town
feeling lost and alone.
It seems that no matter where I am,
every place is just like home.
Vehicles show me that they know me
or at least think they do.
Even the restaurants laugh
as they play with my food.
I stand in the grocery store,
trying to see what I can buy,
all the while, people stare.
It's like I'm a star in their eyes.
Every place someone shots out
words I've heard before
and it makes me wonder,
how can I take anymore.
It's like I don't exist
and yet, yes I do—
and it comes to my mind that there's nothing that I can do.
This world isn't mine.
I feel it's gone fake.
Someone is watching me
rewrite most of my mistakes.
So clear is my vision
that tears are like clean glass.
I can see that I am last in my own past.
My ears burn with a heat—
tired of all the words.
My body is exhausted
from the sounds I've heard.
I don't know trust,
not like I did.
It's been almost a year now
and it seems like I'm hidden.
Am I being silly?
Maybe just used to it—
I see all of the people
wearing too many colors.
Everywhere I go now,
there are loving couples—
it wasn't like this,
never was it, before,
and now that my eyes are open,
I can't see anymore.

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    This Poems Story

    Direct Realm is inspired by a major motion picture and the name of an insurance company.