Dirty people

I tried to warn the seven year old me but she won't stay still to listen to me.
Tried to tell her about the stains that have started to cover her skin.
She still was unaware about her pearly body turning different shades of green.
Those innocent eyes were not ready to perceive the horrors they have seen,
Her immature mind still decoding the hints given to it by me.
Oblivious of his eyes, she played I-spy as he without any conscience tainted her slowly from inside.
How do I make her understand that I'm not a stranger but her older self who was here to protect her,
And the person she was thinking of as brotherly won't hesitate in cutting her soul in two.
I want to shake her,slap her and wake her up from her day dream.
But I sigh, after all she was just a child.
How can I explain to her that dirty people have dirty mind and dirty hands too..
And when they touch, they leave a stain on us.
I compare myself to her.
Was I that easy to be played with?
And like a rag doll thrown away after having his fill?
Hearing her laughter I winced as I knew when she grows up, those laughs will always make her cringe.
Leaving, I gave her a last glance...
Feeling her innocence as I have lost mine.

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