The rain falls

Mingling with the unshed tears in my eyes;

I collapse to the cement,

Feeling the cold stones dig into my palms.

"No one loves you," whispers the monster in my mind;

"No one cares."

I shudder,

Feeling nothing but the cold

And the emptiness in my heart.

"You should just disappear; you're nothing but a burden anyways."

I sob, clutching at my chest.

"You're just invisible, who would care?"

I tear at my skin, trying in vain to pull the demon from my thoughts.

"You should just disappear."

"Disappear," echoes my mind dully,

And the thought reverberates through my body,

Wrenching another sob from my tortured lungs.


As I fall on my back and curl up in a ball.


As I shake and cry on the ground.


As no hero arrives to save me from myself.

And one last time,


As I fade away into nothingness.

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