I’ve heard some people talk about me and say
I like her.
She’s, like,
really down to earth.

But i think they confused my geology for just dirt

Maybe that’s why you decided to gouge out my ocean eyes
Then store nuclear waste in the salt mine under my fingernails
and piss oil into my tears polluting the gulf off the coast of my appendix
I too think a lot about the big bang
Probably an accident I’m, like, the vacillated byproduct corollary comissionary
Visionary salt water only stings your eyes sometimes
my vertebrae are tectonic plates
Always crashing into each other shattering one another like clay dishes
With an improper viscosity
This atrocity started shaking my whole world
falling at terminal velocity
I’ve always been afraid of breaking the Mercalli scale with my monstrosity
the most common option for pollution is exhaust gas from your pomposity
even gas gets exhausted but you kept hammering away at me
like i’m a

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I wrote this down the other day- humanity's never ceases to amaze me