Disaster's Mistress

In the depths of desperation
I find a souless facination
And destruction’s boundless seance
Pulls at ghost once lost in chaos.

I find my peace there in the darkness
Pushing back my fears, reguardless
Of the deamons within the heartless
Shadows cast across the floor.

I dwell within the desolation
Bind myself in concentration
Brining forth my own damnation
Forgotten all that was salvation.

It is here where monsters plunder
Deep inside the roads they wonder
I see him standing danger's master
And follow him into disaster.

There is no love here in this fire
Only burning is desire
Disaster's mistress I've become
Yet can not find the will to run.

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This Poems Story

As an addict I have a history with Disaster and self destruction. I wrote this as a way to personify that which I can not flee.