Discarded (A Poem About Narcissistic Abuse)

One day you made me feel on top of the world
Loved, exclusively
Significant..........special and one in a million
The skies were clear, and it was sunny
The feeling of loneliness was never a question
Then suddenly the scars of confusion come
The skies become gloomy, rainy
While melancholy filled the air
Feeling suffocated and questioning your own sanity
Wiping away tears and feeling like a scapegoat
Hiding the pain, the shame, the blame
For loving someone who doesn't even love themselves
Tossed aside, made to feel inferior, useless and replaceable
Studied and experimented on like a rat in a lab
A specimen under a microscope
Not expecting the unexpected
Like a sudden blizzard during the winter
Freezing everything in its tracks
Like the cold heart that's inside your chest
A tornado picking you up and dropping you anywhere
A never-ending fall...down a deep dark hole
One day it's sunshine
The next day it's gloomy
I never knew anyone could control the weather
Until I met you

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