Just a lonely pile of sediment
Tired of being useless little bits
Blowing off within the breeze
Something else; I long to be.
Embrace me tightly
Convergent Boundary
Tightly compact me
Now a rock; whole; Sedimentary
Limestone now is my name
Pressure and heat pushing me to change
Too much to take in this form
So I conform at this plate of convergence
Now Marble; Metamorphic Rock
You'd think I'd be happy but I still feel stuck
So let me try this once again
Change I need to feel like I fit in
I'll take a journey to the core
Feel the heat melt my every pore
Now I am Magma; Fluid and free.
The plates diverge and I rise
To feel a wave of transformation take me
Into the ocean I cool and crystallize
Extrusive Igneous of the ocean floor
Basalt I am in this form
But yet, I am still dissatisfied
So my way to the shore, I shall find.
Motionless I'll lye here in the sand
Upon my surface, I feel the wind
Erode me back to sediment
Because I have discovered this:
I was great as I was.
So once again I'm sediment
Happy to be little bits
Blowing freely in the breeze
Until again, the rock cycle changes me

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