Disease of Addiction. A disease

My weapons of mass destruction,
Find shelter in your hands with ease,
Although you wish to destroy me,
I remain coming and going as I please.

I'm your everwaking struggle,
Daily knocking at your door,
I'll deprive you of a purpose for living,
Leech to your surface and suffocate your core.

I'm the essence of your pleasure,
As well as the many reasons for your pain.
I can morph into a mirage of sunshine,
Then quickly fade into eternal rain.

I find weakness in your judgements,
I justify all of your flaws,
I make excuses that you even grow to believe,
Sanity has now vanished from your cause.

You've revealed passionate hate for me,
But somehow we are still best of friends,
You've tried but are helpless to resist me,
I told you we'd be together until the end.

I'll take everything you have left,
Even if there's nothing left to lose.
The blame is not solely placed on me,
One time I was just a choice for you to choose.

Nothing comes for free I'm afraid,
I seek your richest treasures in this life,
Far past materials and money,
I want your children, your husband, or wife.

All your precious family will cringe to taste your name,
Is this a legacy of honor, truth, love and pride?
Probably not, but running away will not help,
You can't hide, lord knows that you've even tried and tried.

All that's left is me and you now,
All else you had I've washed away,
I know you're alone, broke and in bad health,
You're in debt with one last payment of your life today.

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