At times I feel limited,
held back from my fullest potential.
I've got no control of my many things I do,
Not much sense of freedom.

The tired old heart that sits in my chest
Does nothing more then cause me pain.
But it will not give up
Just keeps putting along like an old rusty Jalopy.

Life is full of ups and downs
Sometimes like a rickety unstable roller coaster.
Mine unfortunately has been going down for quite some time
Ready to crash and burn at any moment.

I feel dead inside, stunted,
Chained up like a dog.
Trapped in a little box looking in a mirror.
But in the reflection seeing absolutely nothing.

Day by day people surround me trying to care.
There is never any way to help my suffering.
Though I am not alone, no one truly understands
My pain, not only physically, but mentally.

I smile every day, but they don't know what lies behind it.

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