Real eyes realize, real lies
That’s what I thought until I realized real lies can be disguised
Disguised with nice words and a nice smile
A smile that a lie tends to hide behind with words that leave you mesmerized.
See, you twisted your words thinking you'd leave me defeated
But what you failed to realize is that I can't be beaten
I’m stronger than you thought and stronger than you had hoped
I'm sorry if you can't cope
Cope with the fact I'm moving along
Cope with the fact that I can and will remain strong
Cope with the fact that my heart beats on
Because let's face it, your lies were not the only thing disguised
My strength was disguised
Disguised by a mask willing to believe your lies as long as they did not break our ties
Praying that your lies could be denied and everything would be fine but it wasn't
Hoping that all we needed was time; I was trapped like a mime.
I began to think my pleas were redundant
The very mention of you I found repugnant I was disgusted
Not by you or even the lies but simply because you wasted my time and that's when it hit me
Having the strength to survive it was in me but it was disguised
Disguised because I knew my strength you despised and I thought if I hid it we could've survived
Thinking that we would have thrived and wishing we'd leave the lies behind
I must've been out of my mind
But it’s fine because now I know
Real eyes realize, real lies but it takes strong eyes to realize real lies in disguise

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