She trifled with a civilized world,
where dreams bloom in kaleidoscope colors
across the painted faces of glass dolls,
cracked and near extinction
in the selfish clutches of jealous playmates.

Where oppression impersonates charity,
envy masquerades as concern, and the obsequious hand of fear
pens a morbid caricature of assurance.

...Such obscene destruction!

A high price to pay for the perpetuation of civility.

To see the world as it is. Irreverent. Deplorable.
So shall she cast the greedy brood to the tumultuous waters
and rise to meet the cathartic breath of renewal.

Before audacity disintegrates.
Before promise threatens to perish
in a spiraling pool of complacency.

Before the sacred pneuma is forever likened to Pythia,
Stoned in the adyton,
the Delphi Oracle,
Spewing nonsense where only truth should be spoken.

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