You feel isolated,
you feel cold.
You're too young,
to feel so old.

Write it off,
keep on moving.
Is it too much to ask,
to just keep going.

Sometimes we seem too hard,
to play this part.
We're chasing eachother,
with no heart.

I think you know,
what I mean.
Why can't we understand,
what we're choosing between.

It seems like,
falling apart is the only way,
to make a reason,
for either of us to stay.

And I can't say anymore,
that I know
why we do this,
why we don't go.

We let everything
go away and slide,
but always wondering
what our words implied.

It's getting late,
for it to just be another day.
The stars are rising
but so is the dismay.

I'm scared of it all,
for the beginning, middle, and end.
but at least there's,
no reason anymore to pretend.

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