You pass me on the street,
you act like I'm not there.
I don't have a disease or a disorder,
I'm not from a different planet.
I am one of you.
Just because i don't live
the same life style as you
doesn't mean I'm not human.
You call me a bum, a hobo.
But guess what I'm jus a man
who's down on his
luck a man with little hope,
a man who wants to be treated equally.
I sit on the side walk,
begging for change
I sit on the side walk asking
for your help But all you give
me is the look of shame
And sometimes I don't even get that
look. Sometimes you don't
even bother to look at me,
like I'm invisible,
like I'm nothing but garbage on the street, nothing but mud underneathe your feet.
You judge me becase of how I dress,
how I look and how I act.
If you just gave me a chance,
or gave me the time of day...
Mabey you would realize I'm just like you,
I'm just another human trying to
succeed in life.

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