My questions go unanswered.
My words ignored.
My presence overlooked.
Myself invisible to the eyes of others.

In a sty of stench.
In her own urine she is drenched.
The reason I crossed two states borders.
Pack rat hoarder.
Without organization of order.

Out lived my heart hesitated.
My life dictated.
By a nazi "mom" who dominates.
Controlling with my child as leverage.
She holds us hostage.
In her cobwebbed hellhole of dust.
Mold, urine stench, mildew, & rust.
She is no one to ever trust.
I have alot to complain about & fuss.

Neglected, unprotected,& disrespected.
Taken for granted & unappreciated.
Unknown but senselessly hated.

For love or friendship I waited.
No one ever asked me to be dated.
My life I lived & created.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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