Dissecting Myself

Overthinking, it's not that bad somedays
But others I feel like I am in a haze
My mind is a maze
And sometimes I start to shake
Because of this so called brain
Which is more like an earthquake
And you made it that way
Although I do take some of the blame
For not seeing it so near
Your intentions were clear
And now I fear
Everyone will disappear
Like the seasons of the year
That eventually fade away
And I cannot escape
This love that only went one way
And the truth seems to decay
As I move further away
To the back of my bran
Where the lies seem to grow
And turn into stone
So who can I trust
When all I do is disgust
These thoughts have just began
And they can't seem to be outrun
The damage has been done
And it may weigh a ton
But it's abundant
Even if I know they’re redundant
That doesn't take away the fact they are reluctant
I am in an ocean
Of emotion
And all this commotion
Has caused an explosion
And my world is all black and blue
From people who didn't have a clue
What I was going through
Even when I tell myself to stop
My brain seems to flood
And moments later
It's back to being a traitor
And l find myself being the creator
So once again I am left with something greater..

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The mind is a powerful thing, a little too powerful sometimes.