By Oliver   

The world around you turns into a blur
No meaning or matter can you infer.
Hours pass the minutes by
There are no tears to cry.

The world spins as all stands still
Your mind, with emptiness, will fill.
You reach out to find a hand to hold
But the warm embrace feels so cold.

Where is the world? Where did it all go?
Why isn’t looking enough to know?
Or hearing enough to understand
Or getting up enough to then stand.

Then your body will start to disappear
And your emptiness is replaced with fear.
Not knowing exactly where you are
You view your own body from afar.

Watching as your body slowly goes
But you are the only one who knows
That you are falling past reality
Into an abyss which you cannot see.

Panic and terror fill your mind
No peace or joy can you now find.
Empty mind unable to think
As you continue to then sink.

As the world then blurs around you
And there is nothing you can do.
You do not want to continue this spiral
You only wish that you were back to normal

But you continue to fall downward
As you still speak not a single word
But your mind will never rest
As this weights builds on your chest

What is real?
Can you feel?
Is this all?
Stop this fall.
Hide from sight
Do not fight.
Where to go?
How to show
What’s inside
That you hide
From all near.
Do you fear?
Will they hurt
Just desert
At your low.
Will they show,
All of this
Is nothingness.

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This Poems Story

Dissociation is something that is terrifying and hard to cope with so I attempted to write the feeling down in a poem.