It used to be part of the daily routine
The routine of our lives
That repeats year after year
Nothing special but things change on a dime
It happened once in Columbine
It was tragic
But nothing changed
Then it occurred again and again like relentless fireworks
Sandy Hook, Parkland
Walking into rooms to learn vital lessons
Safe, secure, and supported
But soon turns
Distressing, dreadful, and deadly
Yet still, nothing changes
Two decades and nothing
But more victims, more incidents, and more noise
We learn to hide in case it happens to us
The dread of the barrel unloading
With no end in sight
In a place that is supposed to be safe
A second home
The time in those short moments drag on
The time seeps into bone
As you become forever changed
That routine hits the breaks
That place of learning becomes a battlefield
The need to know where the exits are
The hiding spots
The guilt of surviving
The terror of loud sounds
The need to understand, Why?
And the yearn for change

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