The moon you see is the sun for me.
Not joined,but parallel to what you see.
It feels like fate won't give us a shot
'Cause you witnessed the snow while I feel hot.

I endured the torture of distance and time.
I blocked the arrows that shoots my spine.
I precluded my tears to fall into my cheeks.
'Cause the hope that clungs unto my shoulders
are always patting me and speaks.

Days felt like months,years felt like centuries.
The urge to seek my love, keep striking
as I build those random stories.
The tales and fantasies I made just to make
things certain,
Could never go wrong until everything
ends with nothing.

And now I'm curious about how you're doing.
Are you happy, exhausted or safe on where you're going?
Soon, I'll meet you and these blurry sights
will be made vivid.
These parallel lines will meet
and our feelings will never be inflicted.

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