Distance between us

All alone again
thinking about you.
Memories flood my mind
tell me this isn't true.
My world is shattered
as you sit in that cell.
Such a lonely place
we know of all to well.
Tell me it's a dream
I'll wake to find you here.
Gently reaching up
to wipe away my tear.
The warmth of your breath
spreads across my skin.
Your scent surrounds me
I take a moment to breathe you in.
Open my eyes now
or do I dare.
Into this darkness
alone I stare.
In a world full of wealth
I'd give every dime.
Grant me one wish to
speed up the hands of time.
No comfort from your touch
I feel the cold air.
No strength from you presence
I'm weak without you near.
The distance between us
counted by the mile.
I'd travel to the moon
just to see your smile.
Til the years become days
and hours to minutes that we're apart.
Until I can hold you forever in my arms
I'll hold you forever in my heart.

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