Distance Learning

Soul fully awake well before my conscious mind
First thought is always inventory of bodily sensation
Anxious before aware
Coming to terms with the could-be's
the wanna-be's, the should be's
The ever present pretend to-be's
Okay within this silent moment
Raging underneath my ever aging skin
Hoping for first morning beauty
Which is work, no joke, every single day
Sunlight is a burden, like a persistent pet
Wanting, needing, highlighting every inch
Announcing that it is in need another day
Within another week, linked together and strong
and I am weak at the knees because of it
The strength of time and memories and
as always, future possibilities
threatening to run away to another
Unless I jump to attention and reveal myself
Lay bare all that is the very thing
I work so dilligently to hide me everyday
Accepting my human-ness is tranquility attained
A lesson hard learned and harder earned

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