Distant Dream

The sun smiled it’s bright white smile,
And the mountains breathed in and reached up high,
The green grass stretched out for mile upon mile,
As a happy cloud sailed across the ocean blue sky.

A gentle breeze caressed and stroked the land,
With a day so beautifully warm and sunny,
The inviting rays from the sun were so grand,
As a bee hummed a tune as sweet as honey.

The long summer days with skies of serene blue,
Fun and laughter was had each and every day,
Another perfect sunset is now due,
As we rolled around and played in the hay.

This is the place where I would like to be now and then,
Watching the water flowing gently in a stream,
It was a nice place when I was ten,
Childhood memories, sadly now a distant dream.

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    A thoughtful moment of days long gone