I have to say there's always something in my way
blocking my view from the words I miss you
I just want to see your eyes
I crave your words of adoration and care
you've chosen someone else
you've put the sunlight right in my eyes
so I can't see you
you built a wall between us that I can't seem to walk away from
our quick conversations have become nervous glances and frowns
before, you bathed in the sun with me
and now it just distracts me from your choice to leave
I sacrificed everything for your happiness, to have a distraction,
a filler,
a second choice,
a mistake
your deep eyes have fooled me and I know I will fall again
you have created a monster in me that has no love or compassion
just jealousy and anger
and I still want you to be with me in the sun
instead of just out of my eyesight
while I struggle in the light

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