I thought love would excuse stupidity,
Never thought it’d be the other way around.
I thought love was the reason for and why,
Loving someone blinded by what they think love is, is something I wouldn’t want to do
I see it now. I’m sorry now. For what i did to you and everything I put you through
I was never good enough. I would’ve understood if you’d dubbed me.
I changed myself. For you. All I wanted was for you to just love me.
I thought love was the reason for and why.
Now everything is different. Hello, new you. Old feelings, for now...goodbye.
Anything to keep your smile. Anything to stop your cry.
Somebody tell me that I’m doing the right thing at the right time. Please don’t lie.
Tell me that we’ll meet again. Old feelings, new you. Some other time.
Would it be stupid to jump knowing there’ll be a fall?
I’m getting addicted. I’ll never be sober. Am I risking none or all?
Our harmony was worth the change. I guess i made the wait to hear our song.
Are you the answer to my question? Maybe you’re the right to my wrong.
To recover from your drugs of love and distraction, I find myself taking more.
You are more than enough. Why do I know that from my core?
I was broken. I was slowly dying, yet alive.
I was lost. I was suffocating, yet breathing.
Are you mad at me? Or what I caused you to think or feel?
Are you mad at what we’re not? Maybe I go to sleep wishing something in my life is real.
Every breath, my lungs are filled with fire, and water, instead of air.
Why? That everytime I tried to call out, you’d hear? Only you cared.
The truth is, I started to fear. I realized I didn’t want to share.
But the truth is, I realized that I’m actually scared.

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