By Sombra   

It is crumbling, it is a fracture
I am in fear of an oncoming disaster
The pieces are dissipating faster than my hands can capture
I am becoming a slave of myself when I once was the master
Words can only glue us back together so many times
Used more than once dulls their shine
The frustration makes us cry
Leaves us only wondering, why
How do we mend what is not quite broken
Not so simple to take back the words spoken
I cannot hide the feelings those words have awoken
Like shards of glass beneath the skin they’ve broke in
I am callous and unkind
She reminds me every time
I am unable to hide
The gnawing gap that lies inside
I wonder for how long you have known
The words you speak do not reach home
You play along even though
The face I wear is one of woe

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Fallen on hard times