distressed girl.

I'm the girl who walks alone,
somewhere far from home.
love with her has been colder,
but she manages to wears her heart on her shoulder.
Had sunshine's that turned to rain.
Days id cry nights the same.
No1 to cure this pain.
Father always at work,
mother with a fake smirk.
After friends dip on me;
there mistakes id pay the fee.
all I believed, ends up deceived.
The list just keeps getting shorter and shorter,
till I'm alone in the corner.
Were I started; broken hearted.
there has to be something out there for her.
To make her happy never hurt.
No matter how I'm fine I say,
look me in the eye you'll no I'm not okay.
Her tears holding back;
her heart full of crack.
Shattered in black, memories off track.
Her self she attack.
But her hearts gold, Night no1 to hold.
secrets untold.
Running she lost her faith, scared no one to keep her safe.
Just wants to crawl in bed; throwing away the life she led.
Crying on her pillow; feeling shallow.
No1 to figure her out, to see what shes bout.
Wat she hate, can u relate. Wat her heart has in store,
maybe shes the girl your looking for,
she cud be much more. tell u what she think, shes a missing link.
Not good enough for anything, can u bring; in the ring. and show her the love.

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