Disturbed Thoughts

I give up on this thing called the human race
Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion
Yet I get told my opinion has no place
I try to keep my thoughts to myself
But my brain is so crammed I’m out of space
Those who said they’d be here no matter what
Chose to disappear without a single trace

How people act has me truly amazed
It’s a shame how some of us were raised
Some of you must truly be confused and dazed
After taking so many losses one cannot be fazed
Deep into our own souls we probably should’ve gazed
And yet you wonder why my emotions are caged

I really wish I could get away from this whole mess
All everything causes me anymore is stress
It’s hard carrying all of this weight inside one’s chest
People use you like a pawn on a board in chess
Tell me what’s it like to be able to truly rest
Although we try you don’t see our best
What’ll happen next is really hard to guess

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