Ditched (Fixed Copy)

It was the thing to go to the rink
on a Friday All-Night Skate.
We liked to sneak out once a month
and play a dangerous game.

We would laugh our asses off,
because we knew we wouldn't get caught.
The security lady was a tad too lazy,
to really give a fuck.

Where'd everyone go?
I guess they went inside.
Everything was still,
but the thought then escaped my mind.
I went back up the hill a time or two,
until I tripped over some stupid trash.
The stopper to a skate flew off,
then I fucking crashed.
I was OK, just a few scuffs.
I began to fiddle with the stopper.
I wasn't done ...

That's when I heard his piece of shit truck roll up,
and that purple hat made him look ridiculous.
He asked if I had seen his daughter,
then mumbled a name I couldn't understand even if he had spoken it louder.

My eyes rolled in annoyance
but I answered him with a "Nope."
He wasn't looking for anyone.
How could I have been that dumb?

He sat there for a moment,
sipping on some kind of drink.
He then compliments my skates
and flashes me a wink.
I grinned for just a second,
and then I started to think;
that this guy's a little silly
and no longer bothering.

We talked for about ten minutes,
then he referred to my wheels.
"Where did you find a pair like that?"
I guess guys his age don't steal.

The most chilling silence,
but he then asked to see a pair.
reluctantly I walked to the truck
and waved the one in the air.

From the window, he then squinted.
I noticed the back windows were up and tinted,
but I was oblivious to an older guy such as he.
Jokingly, he said to me "These wheels are somewhat dead."
So off came the second skate
and I handed it to him instead.

(You stupid, stupid, girl ... )

He took out an old receipt or something like that
and wrote a detailed note on top of a make-shift pad.
"My daughter will like these if I find them." He blurted out.
That's when he offered me a ride back to the front;
and I agreed, didn't think about ...

And those skates, I still think about.
The skates were never found.

NOTE: This would be the most difficult yet greatest moment within my writing.
I do not ever reference any songs that are used in writing a piece or multiple pieces. But here is the song that was used.

SYML - Where's My Love?

With Love, Beauty, & Best Regards,

Sarah K. Gilley 06/16/2017

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