You're like a fresco painting, ethereal and my hands shake a little to brush off that feather that sits on your coat so carelessly with hope of not falling to meet the ground but to fly for yet another time. I've heard tales of mermaids and fairytale Prince's but you're much more then dreams and made up stories you're reality with a touch of fantasy. These words fail to describe you, like a tongue twister rampaging the brain, unconquerable you stand. You're like the allegory of the empyrean and I've tried ways to figure you out but the beauty of your heart burns me out,like camphor. I hate to say this but you turn me blind and I can only worship thy, that glory that beam I fail to word thee sometimes. You cry at a stranger's demise, fumble your way into the woods for some lone time. Love, you say isn't any for you but you're filled to the brim of it if I were the jury to decide from the outside. You age like old wine and like diamonds you shine. I can't sing perfectly but someday I hope to sing you a song from the playlist of my mind of smiles and sunshine,cause you're like the fresh winds of spring,Love,you drive out the winter snow and all I see is glistening pathways and flower field meadows and I stand stranded in the middle of nowhere, looking at you with such strange fascination and how I realize my failure to love you cause here I'm the mortal and you the divine.

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