Divine Power is the Ultimate Word

Divine Power is the Ultimate Word
Ujjal Mandal, West Bengal,India, July 06, 2020

Through His mercy God
Provides the way for the lifeless creations to be enlivened.

One day I
Saw a withered leaf
Moving with the current of clear water.
The leaf felt no resistance,
No shoving.

One morning I
Slept a sound sleep.
I dreamt
A Swamiji of Chaitanya alike
Raised his voice up:
O lad, listen!
"Divine power is the last word;
Meditation is the last practice",
Look! the glass
Creates fire through
Reflecting the sun-rays.
Here meditation is like the glass,
The Rays of the sun cause
Thinking of God
And the fire is the calmness and a feel
Of stillness.

Glass (meditation)+ Rays (divine thoughts)= Fire (calmness or blessings).

[About Swami Girijatmananda: A sage ,an incarnation of God. He founded many missions like Ganguria Sri Sri Sarada Tirtham etc for human welfare. Swamiji often used to say: "...those are blessed who give birth to humanism among the commoners..."

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This poem is about God who made us.....the only way to be happy in life is God's blessings....