Divine Talk

God speaks
Through letters of poetry
Dear human,
You are Awesome
Tingling with Life
Like the arms of the skies above,
So there’s no need to ever give up
In the midst of a storm,
Because here’s your umbrella:
Paul came back from beheading Christians,
And he turned into an apostle
Moses was a murderer,
But he still lead God’s people through the Red Sea
David gave into the temptations of adultery,
Yet he became known as the King of Israel
Mary Magdalene was a prostitute,
And she still walked hand in hand with Jesus
Therefore, through all your mistakes, pains, and sorrows,
God still sees you as worthy
He does not forgive you,
And then refuses to use you,
For He has granted a special purpose
Unto all Earth-bound souls,
He has even given words
To poets writing new lines
Just to hear Him speak to the World

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