Divine Trajectory

Prideful, sparkling pink matter,
your soul: a god's gift to the present.

The paths laid for you and me run parallel before
intersecting. They ultimately spiral out of our
control: twists and turns morph our passion into
aggression, our hatred into forgiveness; but you fear
the twist, you fear the turn. The intersection is Eden,
our separation imminent hell.

You doubt the path.

Oh! Fantastically driven spirit, your soul, destined to
reunite with mine, must brave the twists and turns.
Love Me in Heaven. Await Me in Inferno. We always meet.
Don't you see? Our paths are patterned: the universe
favors repetition and emotional symmetry.

Flawed but adored, adamant Eve,
your soul- the object of desire- bound to an eternal
path has crossed mine once again.
Nevermore fear: the tumultuous paths we traverse
are masterfully detailed. The stars look upon us:
angels favoring our growth.

Accept the path. Divinity is yours.

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