Every six minutes the sun breathes in and out.
Sound waves move back and forth inside and outside of the sun,
hitting notes that a deaf Beethoven can now hear
in some other dimension that’s neither near nor far from this one. 
The solar storms that send smoke signals to our synchronized satellites
satisfy all other ears that hear.
To understand the Universe,
we study the stars.
To understand the stars
is to understand ourselves. 
The same physics that compose the stars--
the same chemistry that structures their substance--
similarly composes all of us.
What greater proof is there of the divinity
within everyone and everything
than the truth that the sacred dust within the stars
and every Universe also exists within the trillions of cells
that make up the Self? 
We are cells dividing en route to reuniting.
We are time which has collapsed on space
which has collapsed on time.
We are divine.

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