Do I Exist?

Death and love
they coexist
Death and love they take their own risks
Love is not empty nor full
Death not angry but yet satisfied
Love is independent but yet lonely
Death is Breathtaking but yet still Alive
Love does not keep us going
But yet death stops us
Love is justice
Death is Panic
Love is when I wake up in the morning
and my heart is crying on my pillow.
But death she comes in the middle of the night
and takes my heart away.
Can one simply escape?
Love is awake when death is asleep
Death wakes up so they both can meet
Death is heartbroken can't you see?
Love is on fire can you see the smoke?
Death is searching for love
Love is filled with passion
Death and love yes they coexist
Death and love their hearts filled with bliss
Both together in a cold mist
Both together as they wished
Death and love together for as long as they both exist.

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