Do my feelings matter

Do my feelings matter
I get down, I start feeling low,
But do you care..the answer is no
You have any problems and run to me
Maybe because you know I’ll let you vent
Or maybe you sense the security
No matter what I’m here for you
But when I’m down and out
Where are you, I look high
And I look low can’t find you anywhere
so where do I go
I turn to alcohol and I look to drugs
The feeling I get from them
Is way better some pity hugs
They let me whoosh away my problems
It’s fine I’ll deal with them another day
When I sober up
Guess who I’m searching for
Yup it’s you
You’re outside my door
But not to help me oh god no
It’s because something hurt you
And I’m who you run to
Even though I know
How this will end
I go ahead and let you in
I take your problems, I make them mine
Now your done talking and I begin
But somehow we’ve run out of time
No room for me in your life
You don’t really care, would you even notice if I wasn’t leave me
With your problems and mine
I realize you you don’t care about me
And it makes my heart shatter
Now I’m sitting here thinking
Do my feelings matter

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