It’s beautiful over here
They wouldn’t want you to know
But it really is breathtaking
What am I talking about?
Your life, your soul, the ultimate experience!
I’m referring to it all
Starting from year one
The moment you got to this Earth
Well, it was extravagant!
Take a moment
Think of all the colors you’ve seen
Try to name all the hues of colors you’ve seen just lately
You live a beautiful life
We see waves of green and skies of blue
Only if we want to
Always trying to spot the beauty is a tough one
Sometimes, life knocks you down
You forget the admiration of living in “what a wonderful World”
That’s okay
Get back up
Hate and lack of love is what they want you to think of
Be different and walk in the path of worship
Fall to your knees and praise every breath of oxygen
There will be no Love at all is what they want you to think
Do not enter is the wrong statement
It’s what they cover us up with
To take away the even spread of sacredness
And diminish all the togetherness
So I welcome you to the dare
Of finally entering
A true love for life
Because it really is beautiful over here
Come along
And worship every breath
Do no enter is a joke
We’re waiting for you with open arms

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