Do Not Fall in Love with Me

You told me
that i'm your fire.
My body keeps you warm.
Electric sparks fly away.
Like your dreams.

You once whispered in my ear,
that my touch is engraved in your veins.
Playing a constant story of my words in your head.

You now have cigarette burns on your wood counter,
from when I used to drunkenly yell at you.
Coffee rings left from cups at all hours of the morning.
You studied me like your favorite book
although the content, you could never clearly understand.

You wanted to provide me with a library,
containing every lovely book, paper, word… ever written.
You can't make homes out of humans and words
I thought I told you that already.

You'll know, when you're in too deep
due to my notes, playlists and 4 am voicemail's.
You'll wonder how dangerous it is to play with fire
when you're just words in a book
full of flammable paper.

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