Do Not Give In

You lie in bed at night, but the thoughts are pouring in.
Your body is exhausted, but your mind keeps up a din.
There are thoughts you cannot stop. You try your best to resist.
The harder you try, the tougher they become. No one comes to assist.
Your body goes numb. Your heart begins to burn.
You can think of nothing else. You have nowhere to turn.
There is a pain you can’t explain and it’s eating you alive.
You can live or exist, but to solely exist is to die.
Though some people will come and say, “I understand”,
There’s no one who can take the pain. No one has taken your hand.
No one who will take their words and put them into action.
Anyone can offer encouragement but that is only a fraction
Of all the help you’ll need to make it through this life.
This life isn’t fair. This life isn’t easy. It’s full of hurt and strife.
It’s easy to watch yourself burn day by day.
It’s harder to feel the pain that you pay.
You’re lost. No one to turn to. No one who will fully understand.
No one who can help you up and walk with you hand in hand.
You look for a friend. Someone who will stay.
But people keep leaving. Why is this the price you pay?
The price you pay for being alive? For choosing to be you?
The price you pay for deciding to breathe and take the air you do?
Everyone is selfish. No one wants to die.
But life pushes you to the edge where you can’t help but cry.
Cry out for the person you thought would come.
Cry out for the life you lead to be done.
But no one wants to die. Everyone is selfish.
So you kneel on your bedroom floor, whispering a wish.
“I wish I had a friend. Someone to stay by my side.
I wish that they would hold my hand. Help me not to hide.
Show me that life is not the hell of which it seems.
Show me the mountains, the rivers, the streams.
Show me how great another’s laugh sounds.
Show me the flowers that spurt from the ground.
Because the life I live and the thoughts I think
Have blurred them from my view and now I sink.”
You sink in the river that now looks muddy brown.
Falling backward, blindly, not looking down.
You look up, up at the sky. Wow. It’s so clear. It’s so blue.
You wish you hadn’t given up. You wish you could start as new.
But you can still do that. You can obtain that fresh start.
You kick your legs and break the surface although it is hard.
You’ve had your taste of life. A bit more than an overdose.
Life is smoother than it seemed before because you chose.
You chose to try again. You chose to be stronger.
You chose not to give in. You chose to hold on longer.
Remember this, this is you. Look how strong you have become.
Keep fighting. Keep growing. Don’t give up until you’re done.
Done becoming the person you want to be.
The person who makes you proud.
Done becoming the strong person you love.
The person you want around.
Done giving your best and trying harder when all seemed lost.
Done trying your hardest at what you loved no matter the cost.
When you can look back and a smile slips onto your face,
Then you are done. You can stop your killer pace.
Look back and be proud and if you can’t, then keep going.
Because your hard work pays off and it will keep showing.
Outweigh the bad with the good because good always wins.
Make yourself the strongest person that you have ever been.
When you can look at yourself and smile and laugh,
You can put down your heavy load.
You can be content on the grass, feeling glad.
Let your joy overflow.
You have become the person you strived to become before you die.
Lay back on the grass, feel the cool, and look up at the clear sky.
The sky that saved you. The sky that never fades.
The sky is sometimes hidden by clouds, but you shall see its face.
Work through the cloudy times, the storms and the rain.
Work through the doubtful thoughts, the tears, and the pain.
You will try and try until you can smile at the path you paved.
Put your best foot forward, keep up your smile, and never forget to be brave.

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