“Do Something”

Need a second? I'll give you mine. And for the record, I jump, over the line.
Believe it, when I say it. I do it, or die tryin'. Can't see this? I've been throwing all the signs.
Want to leave there? I can wave the denial. Spot you, the one love, you heard about. Believe in me, cause its time to jump.
So take my hand, right here I will. On my own, I've shocked the world. With the many Doctors of names well known.
You see? I don't give in. I give it. With all i have, to prove to myself. Cause I'm my biggest fan. Critic, judge, limiter, trustee and lead singer of my band.
Multi-personalities. At fault I'm the first one, hard on me. Want the universe with no please, thank you, or help I'm on my knees.
Just the realist, on this side, of the Platte. Grateful, for where I came from, write to where I'm at. Unfortunately, I do cheat...cause I got lots of love, for more verbal combat. Always facts, making stacks,
I've lost the ability to write, but with this, got to say it might be back. Apologies for the slack in the past. Wasn't the first and won't be the last.
Ryan Spencer
(...once again)
"KAOS" •S.O.A.L•

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