Do We Stand Alone?

The land we all know.Diminished into disrespect for the
public.Unknown of our outcome.We really never know.
Will a meeting upon the board or even a publicity
stunt,start a war?We never really know.Why sit
around waiting when we can act upon it.But,the
outcome we will never know.So why act upon it?
To start a war.Disappoint the president like they
haven't already did it to the people of their own
country? Why do we wait? The question the people of
the United States of America all stands behind is Why?
Why are we disrespected, as if our opinion or even
our help isn't needed or important?Why does our
President have time to make a political tweet but,
doesn't have the time or even the thought that the
people of the United of States of America need our
President to stand with us,not alone.We are tired of the
constant disrespect.We are citizens.We are one.
We are the People of the United States of America.
But,why are we still disrespected?We may have a
chance at change.But,we may not.So why do we not
even get a chance? The land we all know.So do We
Stand Alone?

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