Do You Even Care

You see us spreading apart,
yet you make it worse.
Their all you have, and all you do is argue.
You play favorites.
You refuse to see that you could be wrong.
God may have saved you, but he also ruined you.
You became addicted to him.
Now everything we do is a sin.
You say you don't do something,
then prove yourself wrong.
We all need to look in the mirror and cry.
Then look some more.
If you look hard enough you might see yourself.
But then you also might see what we all feared you become.
Now we fear you, yourself may never see what you've become until it's too late.
Because if you don't watch out you'll have no one's shoulder to cry on,
We'll all be gone before you know it.
God may be able to create and inspire,
but he'll never be able to stop you from being you.

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