Do you have faith in me ?

By Slay   

Do you have faith in me ?

Beauty kills
You take my breath away but I’m still breathing
I can see your eyes smile and hear you talk with your body language
Yea I speak it
body tingles when I get your text
No need for sex
You excite me without breaking a sweat
Dial your number to hear you speak your ideas
Moms told me stay away from Libra’s
But I love digging deep into your mind
And coming out with every diamond I can find.
Do you have faith in me ?

Shying away from hanging out after every offer after 3 dates to red lobster
Flowers every Friday
But you read my last message on Wednesday
She’s so shy it makes me go harder
Last offer before she thinks I’m a stalker
“Bowling on Saturday 8pm”
She replies!
I’m thinking surely this is it !
She says “sure let’s double date who you bringing? “
after that there wasn’t no need for a text back
Weighted boulders on my upper traps
Heart heavy but my head lighten
Guess good guys always finish last
Not a player just being honest with you is my skill
I know now show no love
Love will get you killed.

...broken till she doubled texts with “jk”
girl you almost made me raise this AK
Dressed, and ready to go
Picked her up and my god she glows
Every step she takes looks like she’s on a runway
Hopefully she doesn’t run away
The night goes smooth now and heading back to her place
walking behind her towards her door
I can’t help but glance at her cheeks
as each step they bounce
Like a fat person when they skip
Or like dory and the jelly fish
As she turns and looks at me wit her eyes
With anxiety running through my mind my knees became weak
instinct kicked in when she bit her lips
Hands grabbed her waste as if she asked for it
Pressed myself against her as if we were magnets
we kissed and I could taste 70 years into the future with her
I think she’s special, funny, beautiful and tasteful
If I could freeze time I wouldn’t for this moment
because I won’t get too see your face when I kneel on one knee
When our kids become teens
When we’ll have no teeth
I wanna see you age
She fell in love with my word play
I just want god to put you back into me and make you my rib again so you’ll never leave me.
Closed your eyes and look for me in your heart, my queen

Do you have faith in me ?

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Poem describes a situation were a man feels love at 1st sight and what we as men feel when we find the right one