Do You Know How I Feel?

My heart is aching in pain
My soul is full of sadness
My eyes are full of water waiting to fall down
But my body is trying to stay strong
Trying to not tremble and drop to the floor crying
Trying to not show I'm hurt but that I'm okay

So,what's the point of being here
If no one is going to love me
Since we left it's been hard on me too
I feel so lost I don't know what to do
I don't even know where home is
I can't feel love if it's not true
I want to be free from all this pain
But it will never go away when we can't even care for each other
I'm tired of this feeling already
I can't take it anymore
Everyone's is leaving and they can't even say goodbye
So why should I say goodbye when I just want to die
but that cause more pain
I know commuting suicide is in a sin and I will go to hell
but I feel as if I am already there

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