Do You Know What I Am?

Do you know what I am?
Well for a hint, I have many sides
One day I may bring you the things you desire such as
happiness, joy, and love
I may build your faith in a higher being,
but just as I can build your faith,
I can shake it until it is no more
I may bring another person to you to enjoy,
that person that I brought to you may very well be toxic,
but only I know
I may also bring you wealth when I see fit,
but I can take all you have just as quick
I can also give me to a person who has not yet
taken their first breath
The next day, I may bring a storm or a new struggle
As you may know by now, the opposite of me is death,
and I could bring you that tomorrow
I give these things to everyone,
some may have a larger dose of struggle or desire than others,
but I don't care nobody said I was easy or fair
What am I?
I am Life

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