Do You Know What It’s Like?

My mother was no saint
With every word she spoke
She tore us down
Piece by piece
Displacement and anger
Was all I heard as I fell each time
"She will get better"
"She said she would work on it"
All lies that filled my heart
Quicker than the tears
That fell from my unstabled face
Do you know what its like.?
To be called stupid and retarted
Those words become who I am
To watch happiness turn into anger
To listen to unworthy sorrys
Back to back
Its like being pushed down a ladder
As the person who pushed you utters "my bad"
Do you know what its like to have a mother like mines.?
Who can say "I love you" and "I didn't mean it"
But continues to swing again and again
Pounding her words to my face
Over things as simple as chocolate

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