Do You Know Who I Am?

I am your daughter, in flesh and bone
I am your son, in mind, in tone
I am a rebel, in crime and craft
I am a fool, mindless and daft
I am a graveyard, cold and alone
I am the sunshine, impossible to own
I am a child, kind and cruel
I am a student, memorizer, mule
I am a fire, hot and killer
I am your problems, endless and bitter
I am your fears, dark and scary
I am the World, old and wary
I am the Earth, new and grand
I am a dancer, taking a stand
I am a queen, young and controlling
I am a stone, rolling and rolling
I am a flower, pretty and fragile
I am a runner, swift and agile
I am vibrations, a roar and a whisper
I am confusion, a speaker, a lisper
I am a forest, twisted and tangled
I am a trickster, foreign and angled
I am a bird, twitchy and flighty
I am myself, golden and mighty

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