Do you Know ?

Why even contemplate or even give it thought.
Walking in the darkness, subject to be lost.
Finding no-one on this road, who is not blind.
Holding hands with Satan's converts,
do you know what you will find?
Mildly put, you are self destructive
wavering in the sight of God. Tossed to and fro
with doubt, unbelief, wantoness and pride of life.
Full of hatred , envy and strife. Your heart riddled
with ignorant questions. Only wanting for something's
you haven't earned, God's blessings!
Do you know you just like Satan? A thief in the night.
Placating like you have a righteous kind of love.
When you know,you just ain't right!
Do you know that your deceptions will only hinder you?
You digging one pit for others, the same pit will
swallow you. Finally in this letter I have written
to open up your shut up heart. I am saying that Jesus
loves you even though you have chosen to be warped.
Do you know that it's a shame?
That the one who created you in his image.
Is always trying to put you back in the
potters wheel again. So that you will have a
blessed finish. Do you know that it's his love
not the love of man. That will make you free and
allow you to live whole , rich and well.
Do you know he will never let go your quivering,
questioning hand.

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