Do You Remember

You'd run and hide a game we used to play
Then you'd have to go, and I asked you if you'd stay
Stay a little longer because of all the fun
You look and say to me, "The day has just begun."
Laughing and giggling as little kids would do,
Running in circles until I'd catch you!
Again and again, we played our childish games.
Hop scotch and jump ropes and dancing in the rain.
Chilled to the bone and having so much fun
And drinking ice cold lemonade while singing in the sun.
Neighborhood kids all coming about
Laughing and screaming and hearing childhood shouts.
All fun and games until you get hurt,
And daring your little brother to eat clumps of dirt.
I remember I left without a good bye
Left you there and watched you cry.
And that game we used to play running and laughing and having a ball
Will we get that back, ever at all?

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