do you remember me how I remember you?

Do you remember me how I remember you?
It’s funny how my rage turns to look back at my life.
I wonder if you think of me, my only true best friend.
I remember the day we first talked, I walked onto the bus and sat down, and a few stops later we pulled up to yours.
I saw your eyes light up, and you sat next to me. “I didn’t know you were on this bus!” you said to me, giddy and happy.
The sixth grade has to be the best year of my life so far.
Before everything went bad. Now I live in a group home with people I don’t know.
It’s funny how life works isn’t it?
I wonder where you are now.
Are you still at home with your mom and dad?
Do you still collect littlest pet shop toys and listen to Adelle?
Do you live in a house with a pool where we had your 13th birthday party?
Is that trampoline still there? Do you still have the plushie that you loved so much?

Do you still remember me, Marijke?

Do you remember me how I remember you? The 7th grade was much worse, wasn’t it? Magee middle school drifted us apart. You found new friends and so did I. Nobody could replace you for some reason. I felt like we should have kept talking, but we didn’t. Chloe and Emerald tried to fill that hole but it didn’t work, you were my only true best friend. Aubrey almost filled the hole, but we became like sisters. A sister that drifted from me for so long, I don’t know where she is in the infinite ocean of my life. I remember when we were a couple, I think that’s what changed us. We shouldn’t have dated. Not saying I regret dating you, but if we’d stayed friends maybe you’d be in my life still. It’s just a thought. Maybe that’s why I try to date or get friends so desperately,
I miss you.

Do you remember me how I remember you?

-Heidi Hood

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