Do You Remember Me?

I'm the daughter of Time and Death, their love was never to be; stuck on two different forms of existence. Coexisting and intertwined but never touching, their hands met when no one was looking.

My face is stuck at the age my father was chosen while my life lives the path, my mother was given.

I never age because I've never existed, my soul and essence sealed within two lines of existence.

You can feel my presence, strong like my mother and heavy like my father, I only exist when mentioned but forgotten every moment I'm not spoken.

I'm the daughter of Time and Death, and I never existed.

My face is only seen by those stuck between time and death themselves, gone like the wind and washed away like the night,

I hold their hand when Father comes and leaves when Mother calls.

I'm the daughter of Time and Death, my story was never meant to be written, only forgotten.

Do you remember my name? I told you it once before. You promised to remember, but I've never been spoken.

I'm the daughter of Time and Death

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This is a poem I wrote in the middle of the night Poet ID #PN00173117